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March Madness is upon us and college hoops hysteria has never been so evident in the entire sporting world. Get your Final Four betting picks, March Madness First Half odds and predictions, because the world of basketball is set to unleash another set of intense and action packed games, on the college hardwood. Will your favorite team make it to the NCAA Basketball Playoffs?

NCAA Basketball Tournament is played among several college basketball clubs, in a span of 19 days and covers 13 cities. The tournament finally ends in Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN, with the Final Four to determine the winner of the NCAA College Basketball Champion.


It's March Madness betting time! This year's 64 team March Madness tournament offers many betting opportunities in which sports bettors can find great value in small college schools. When betting on March Madness, one should consider betting underdogs as a good way of winning at betting on the March Madness tournament.

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Small schools invited to the March Madness tourney are often rich with talent and since they aren't highly publicized, and some may even wonder how they got into the 64 team March Madness bracket, they are solid teams and will have excellent value when referring to the point spread. March Madness underdogs are good stuff!

When Betting on the final four really consider strongly taking the underdogs on the money line as well. If you can pick the straight up winner in tournament games you will cover the spread over 75 percent of the time. That is why underdogs that cover the spread will often win outright as well. Obviously we can’t take 30-point underdogs on the moneyline, but anything below 12 points is a great chance for us to win the game outright. Getting back to our underdog theory of play, we know that underdogs have covered 54 percent of the time over the past 7 years so when in doubt we take the dog. That goes right into my general thinking regarding betting because we know that the public loves betting the favorite and we get added value taking the underdog.

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For those who like NCAA college basketball betting, there is nothing that compares to the excitement of the NCAA Men’s Division 1 Basketball Tournament, also known as March Madness.

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March Madness Point Spread Basketball Betting

The Sweet Sixteen March Madness betting is definitely an exciting time for bettors. It is nearly a week since games took place and bettors are ready for great March Madness betting action.

In the Sweet Sixteen there can often be a team or two that is considered the “Cinderella” or “Dark Horse” such as was the case with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2005 and teams such as Gonzaga in prior years, but for the most part, 2009 March Madness betting picks during the Sweet Sixteen will be mostly be made on power teams.

Over/Under College basketball betting can be done online and over the telephone with any of our March Madness basketball sponsors. On a College basketball point spread bet, the team bet on must win by the point spread. On an over/under basketball bet, the total points of the basketball game by both teams, overtime included, must fall over or under the side selected.

Example: The posted line is the Connecticut -10 at Duke +10 and the over/under total is 189.

The odds are $1.10 to win $1.00 (-110) unless otherwise indicated.

For the player who bets on Connecticut -10, they must win by more than 10 points for this to be a winning bet. For the player who bets on Duke +10, they must either win the game, or lose by less than 10 points for this to be a winning bet. If the outcome falls on the number, either way, the bet is declared a "Push" and the original stake is refunded.

March Madness Over/Under Basketball Betting

For the player who bet on the total points of this contest by both teams to be "Over" 189, the combined final score of both teams must exceed 189. For the player who bet on the total points of this contest by both teams to be "Under" 189, the combined final score of both teams must be less than 189. If the outcome falls on the number, the bet is declared a "Push", and the original stake is refunded.

March Madness Trivia & Fun Facts

The phrase “March Madness” was coined by Henry V. Porter in 1939…to describe an Illinois high school basketball tourney. Brent Musburger first used it during NCAA coverage in 1982 causing a legal battle almost as insane as the playoffs. But everyone finally worked things out and the madness was official. There isn't a good record of who first called the playoffs The Big Dance, but it does describe the action.

The 5 schools who have the winningest history in NCAA Division I Men's basketball are:

* UCLA with 11 championships;
* Kentucky who won the March Madness games 7 times;
* Indiana with 5 Big Dance victories;
* North Carolina outlasted all the other teams 4 times, including their championship win in 2005, and
* Duke with 3 titles.



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